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New Year's Eve

Posted on 2011/01/09 18:43:56 (January 2011).

[Friday 31st December 2010 - Saturday 1st January 2011]
We left North Wales in the afternoon today. We got a train from Bangor, changing at Chester, and had managed to get cheap first class tickets (although there was only actually first class seating for the second leg, which may partly explain why the tickets were cheap). I was surprised by how quiet the train was - I thought lots of people might be moving about the country in preparation for New Year's Eve, but apparently not.

We arrived into Euston before 7 and headed back to the flat to drop off our things and make ourselves look a bit more presentable, before heading over to the South Bank of the Thames near Tower Bridge where we'd been invited by my friend Al and his girlfriend Charlotte for a New Year's Eve soirée

...and very grateful guests we were too - New Year's Eve almost always ends up being a bit of a damp squid, so it was jolly nice to be invited somewhere. It was a fairly low key affair - there were just five of us there - but it was very nice nonetheless.

There seemed to be an endless supply of Champagne: I think we managed to work our way through 5 bottles - effectively one each.

A little before midnight we headed out to stand on Tower Bridge to see the fireworks. Owing to the bend in the river you can't really see much from there, but it was still nice to be surrounded by all the revellers outdoors.

We then headed back to their flat after that for more Champagne, and I think we ended up staying until some time after 2AM. Conveniently the tube runs through the night on New Year's Eve in London so we had no problem getting home.

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