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South Wales to North Wales

Posted on 2011/01/09 18:41:19 (January 2011).

[Monday 27th December 2010]
For the next leg of our Christmas world tour of Wales we were heading from Abergavenny (in the South East of Wales) up to the Llyn peninsula - the North West of Wales - where Dad lives. Rather than take the easy option and get a faster train to Bangor (which then means quite a long drive for Dad to come and pick us up) I'd decided we should try and get all the way to Pwllheli, which is much closer to Dad's house, but means going on smaller, slower trains.

On the plus side there's some wonderful scenery en route, and we were able to enjoy lovely snowy landscapes at least part of the way there, before it started to turn distinctly grey and the visibility wasn't so good. The first leg of our journey was up to Shrewsbury - and this leg was where we had all the best views. From there it was smaller train which wound through mid wales - splitting at Machynlleth, before then hugging the coast along through Barmouth, Harlech and Porthmadog before heading along the South coast of the Llyn to Pwllheli. Unfortunately for most of the latter part of the journey (where we'd normally be treated to lovely coastal views) we couldn't really see much.

We arrived at Pwllheli bang on time - at 15:18 - where Dad was there to meet us.

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