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Christmas Eve - On the Way to Wales

Posted on 2011/01/09 18:41:18 (January 2011).

[Friday 24th December 2010]
Chie was determined to work right up to the last minute - and in particular she didn't want to use a day's holiday on Christmas Eve, when people who actually go into the office are usually told they can just go home at lunchtime. I'd originally planned to go to South Wales the day before Chie, but with all the snow complications of recent weeks I started to worry there was a chance I might get to South Wales but Chie might end up stranded in London by herself - which would be awful! So we both ended up getting the train in the afternoon on Christmas Eve.

I experienced some trepidation - despite us both having booked seats, and the fact we were getting on where the train started from - I still had visions of the seat reservations being cancelled as they often are, and having to fight for space on the train. In the end all that worry was unnecessary - it was surprisingly quiet, there were even a few empty seats (although I suspect these were people who missed the train).

There was at least a bit of a complication - we arrived at a snowy Newport station to find our connecting train through to Abergavenny had been cancelled. Given that it was freezing cold and I really wasn't in the mood for messing about I decided we should just take a taxi the rest of the way, and, as Vera would say "hang the expense".

So we arrived at Vera and Robin's (Robert was there too) by 7, and I immediately felt like Christmas had begun.

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