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More Christmas Shopping and Visting the Kids

Posted on 2011/01/09 18:33:13 (January 2011).

[Wednesday 22nd December 2010]
Another day spent Christmas shopping. This time I broke the day up a bit with some falafel for lunch at Maoz on Old Compton Street, which is rapidly becoming a favourite of mine.

I decided we should go and visit Adrian, Liz and the kids in Guildford, as we wouldn't see them over Christmas otherwise, and I was mindful of it being Katie's birthday on Friday too. So today's Christmas shopping was largely focused on buying things for the Guildford branch of the family.

Met up with Chie at Oxford Circus in the afternoon, as she was going to see a consultant on Harley St about her teeth. This was handy as she didn't have to go back to the office after that, and we were able to get away to Guildford a little ahead of the rush hour, and did our usual trick of trying to wrap presents on the train.

Once in Guildford, after spending a while at the house with the kids, we all went out for dinner together which was nice, and handy for getting back to the station.

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