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Henley Pub Crawl with Andy

Posted on 2010/11/20 18:34:31 (November 2010).

[Saturday 30th October 2010]
Headed out to Henley for the day for an exploration of the local hostelries with my good friend Andy.

It started very well - I think we met around 2ish, and began with the Angel on the Bridge (probably the most famous pub in Henley?) and then over the bridge to the Little Angel.

The Anchor where we went next was undoubtedly the highlight of the day. It's a lovely old pub of the nik-naks-hanging-from-the-beams variety, which I thoroughly approve of. It was just me, Andy, the pub dog and the lovely old lady behind the bar for most of the time we were there, and she came and sat with us and chatted about pubs and local history. It was also by far the best pint of Brakspear's of the day - really spectacular. Our time here was absolutely blissful.

That made for an impossibly hard act to follow, and I'm not sure I really enjoyed the remainder of the day that much. Some of the remaining pubs were just characterless town pubs really, at least some of which seemed a bit rough around the edges. At the final pub the landlord took a bit of a disliking to Andy, and a bit of an altercation ensued - we decided to call it a day after that.

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