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Back to London

Posted on 2010/10/29 08:26:41 (October 2010).

[Wednesday 27th October]
Drove back from Clearwell Castle to London this morning. The first part of the drive took us through the Wye Valley, which was looking even more beautiful than usual given the clear blue sky and the distinctly autumnal tones of the leaves on the trees. I wish we'd stopped to take some pictures.

Having spent some time looking for a place to buy in London over the past few months, and then having been subsequently asked (perhaps "nagged" is a more appropriate term) about this by every single member of my family at the wedding yesterday, I've started to get thoroughly disillusioned with the whole idea of buying in London - it's just hard to get enthusiastic about spending all that money for a tiny place which is likely to end up being in a less-than-idyllic area.

Driving through the Wye Valley this morning got me daydreaming about buying somewhere here instead. For half the price of the two bedroom flat in London we'd been looking at we could buy a three bedroom cottage in the Wye Valley, just over the bridge from the Boat Inn, and with the path leading up to Offa's Dyke immediately behind us.

Of course it's not really practical though, it's a two and a half hour drive at best to London from there - hardly commuting distance - and I'm pretty sure even the idea of living there at the weekend and renting somewhere relatively modest in London midweek would quickly turn into a tedious grind.

We arrived back in London around lunchtime, dropped off our hire car and both went into work for the afternoon. I ended up staying until nearly 8 o' clock, making me wonder why exactly I'd booked a half day's vacation.

Had a quiet night in for the remainder of the evening, we were both pretty tired after the wedding yesterday.

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