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Gourmet Night

Posted on 2010/07/25 10:44:17 (July 2010).

[Saturday 24th July 2010]
Went to look at a flat this morning. The address was cited as Pimlico Road, which made me think of the very nice antiques shops, and the farmer's market, but when we got there it was actually round the corner, in a slightly scary looking ex-local authority estate - you know, one of those ones with the outdoor corridors on each floor, where people hang their washing out etc. I guess I should have expected as much given the price - 340k doesn't really get you anywhere you'd actually want to live in SW1.

Still, at least it got us out and about fairly early in the morning. So we went from there for a look around the Pimilico Road farmer's market, and bought some Kent cherries and courgette flowers there. Then we popped into nearby William Curley, a chocolate shop which apparently has some Japanese influence, and had a quick espresso there whilst perusing the chocolates. Headed on from there to the very nice Waitrose in Belgravia, before heading back to the flat.

Spent most of the afternoon just lolling about at home.

Had a very gourmet meal in the evening. Started off with the courgette flowers we'd bought earlier - stuffed these with mozzarella, coated them in a light tempura batter and then shallow fried them along with some sage leaves. Really delicious! For our main course we had tomato and mozzarella ravioli, topped with steamed samphire and drizzled with truffle oil. Also delicious! Finished off with the Kent cherries, and all of this accompanied by a bottle of Camel Valley Brut, a really excellent English sparkling wine we'd picked up in Cornwall.

Comment 1

Nice recipe! As for the flat, are the houses so expensive in the centre of London? I guess it's a common evil everywhere though...

Posted by Lox at 2010/07/26 01:06:50.

Comment 2

Thanks Lorenzo! Of course I first had fiori di zucchini (no idea how to spell that?) with you in Italy... They're a favourite of mine now!

Posted by John at 2010/08/02 13:44:35.

Comment 3

They are among my favourite dishes, absolutely fantastic :)
Try them in pasta (cut finely) with some butter and a bit of courgettes finely diced, pepper and chili. Absolutely lovely.

Posted by Lox at 2010/08/02 16:53:39.

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