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Two Park Plazas and Drummond Street

Posted on 2010/07/25 10:44:17 (July 2010).

[Thursday 22nd July 2010]
A guy who works on my previous project was visiting the London office this week (we seem to be getting a lot of visitors recently - maybe word has got round that we're actually having some good weather this summer...?). So this evening I accompanied him and another guy from the project to go and find some Indian food.

He was transferring hotels today, so had all his luggage with him, and I thought it would probably make life easier if we went and dropped that off first. Somehow we got confused about which hotel it was, so we ended up visiting two different Park Plaza Hotels, and having a drink in the bar at each. It made me think that might be a fun idea for a bar crawl - visiting lots of different hotel bars like this.

Once we'd finally go our visitor checked in, we headed over to Drummond Street, and had dinner at Diwana. Somehow I didn't think the food was quite as good as usual this evening, but at least the food is cheap, and you can take your own drinks which makes for further economy, so I think it was probably forgivable.

Rounded off the evening just around the corner at the Bree Louise, which I've only recently discovered, and thoroughly enjoyed a pint of perry there.

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