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St. John

Posted on 2010/07/10 15:57:38 (July 2010).

[Thursday 8th July 2010]
After the previous two fairly low key evenings of entertaining our visitors at work, tonight I was determined to really pull out the stops, and do my best to impress them with just what a great city London is.

So we started out the evening at the Whisky Society (one of our visitors was a keen whisky enthusiast), and then followed that with the obligatory visit to Ye Old Mitre.

The main event of the evening was then a late dinner at St. John, which I think went down really well with our visitors. Here's my review:

These people really know what they're doing - from their deceptively simple menu to the extremely on-the-ball staff, to an atmosphere which is quite unique - filled with fashionable young creative types. It's the sort of restaurant I can imagine would make other restaurant owners jealous.

As a vegetarian I had never really thought there would be much in it for me, with their "nose to tail" philosophy and everything. However I had heard from a woman I got talking to on a plane recently that apparently they always have something vegetarian on the menu, and it is always consistently good.

The menu changes daily, having looked at the menu on a few different days in the run-up to our visit I'd seen that the vegetarian option changed wildly from one day to the next. On the actual day we went, it was a characteristically basic sounding "girolles on toast". It may come across as more of a starter or a light lunch sort of a meal, but this was actually an extremely satisfying main course - some excellent bread, some fantastic wild mushrooms, and a simple but very flavoursome (and perfectly seasoned) sauce of butter and herbs.

I just loved this refreshingly minimalist and unfussy approach to cooking - all of the main course seemed to be just one or two things, using the best ingredients, perfectly cooked, on a simple white plate. This wasn't nouvelle cuisine or anything - the portions were all a reasonable size - it was just really good food paired down to the absolute bare essentials.

I'm really looking forward to going back, and introducing more people to this exciting place.

Comment 1

Sounds good, we should go!

Posted by Simon at 2010/07/13 16:13:50.

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