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Friday Evening in the Office

Posted on 2010/06/13 19:34:43 (June 2010).

[Friday 11th June 2010]
Like last week, I was quite late going along to the usual end-of-the-week-beer-and-pizza thing today, having a few things I was trying to get finished off - it was almost 7 by the time I left my desk. Fortunately it was quite a pleasant evening, and so I headed for the balcony, where I spent a while with a couple of friends from the office.

Around 9 we were shepherded indoors by security guards, who wanted to look the doors, and whilst the plan was to go home, somehow a few of us ended up hanging around the office - sitting around where are desks are - and from somewhere a bottle of whisky emerged. This was surprisingly quite a pleasant way to wind down at the end of what had been, for the first half at least, quite a stressful week.

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