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Hanami in St. James's Park

Posted on 2010/04/08 20:48:40 (April 2010).

[Thursday 8th April 2010]
As it was such a nice day today, I decided we should leave work "early" (i.e. at 5:30) and head to St. James's Park for a hanami - a Japanese style picnic which literally translates as "cherry blossom viewing".

So Chie and I met up at Piccadilly Circus, bought some food and drink at the Japan Centre, then headed down to St. James's Park and planted ourselves near one of the nicer cherry blossom tree to sit and enjoy the scenery and the unusually warm sun for a spring day. It was rather lovely.

After our hanami we took a slow meander home by way of the Cask and Glass, where we benefited from the fact that everyone else was standing outside, and so actually had a table for once.

Comment 1

Lovely scenes of nature within one of the world's bigger cities, John - I just wish Greek cities could have the same, but that is very much a case of locking the stable door after the horse has bolted... :-(

Posted by Bryan at 2010/04/10 15:00:49.

Comment 2

Just had two smashing weekends of Hanami here in Japan.. One local community jobby and one with the family the following weekend.. I always wanted to do this.. It was great!

Posted by Jerry at 2010/04/13 01:32:17.

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