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Bonus Day Champagne

Posted on 2010/03/28 11:58:58 (March 2010).

[Thursday 25th March 2010]
Following the last couple of years fairly anti-climactic bonus days I was really keen to do something with my colleagues this year to mark the event a bit. So, the wine bar at Fortnum and Mason, which had become quite literally flavour of the month, seemed very much like the obvious choice.

It actually ended up being a fairly modest evening - not quite the kind of caution-thrown-to-the-wind-reckless-extravagance I had originally envisaged, but I suppose that's probably for the best. We worked our way through a total of four bottles of champagne in the end (three Billecart-Salmons - the same set as here and also an F&M's own Theophile Roederer), but given F&M's champagnes of the month are really quite reasonably priced, and the fact that we were a group of 6, the actual cost per head wasn't that much.

F&M proved to be a hard act to follow, and when it was decided we should head out somewhere to find some dinner, the evening fell apart a bit - somehow the decision was made to go to a French place called "Le Garrick" and I decided to bow out at this point. Still, the champagne had been jolly nice.

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