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Dad in London

Posted on 2010/03/28 11:58:57 (March 2010).

[Tuesday 23rd March]
Met up with Dad in London today. He was supposed to be on his way back from Guildford to North Wales and would therefore just be passing through for a few hours, but actually his train was cancelled so he ended up staying the night with us.

Tried to fit in a fairly busy schedule into what I'd originally thought was going to be a very short visit. So we started off with a stroll from my office past Buckingham Palace, up through St. James's, including the obligatory nose around in Berry Brothers and Rudd. We then headed over to Fortnum and Mason, for a further bit of a nose around the shop, before popping into my new favourite place for a quick tipple - the 1707 wine bar in the basement. We had the Billecart-Salmon 2004 Extra Vintage again, which I'd had last week when I cam here with Chie for my birthday, and had rather enjoyed.

After that we went for an early dinner at Yoshino, sushi being one of those things that is somewhat hard to come by in North Wales.

We then headed over to Euston where we met up with Chie, to find out that Dad's train had been cancelled. So we decided to go for dinner number 2 at Diwana on Drummmond Street, wherein we enjoyed the usual feast of excellent South Indian vegetarian cuisine.

Headed back to the flat after that for a wee dram or two - the Bruichladdich "Peat" I'd bought in St. George's Distillery, followed by a Kilkerran (the new Campbeltown distillery) which Dad seemed to rather like.

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