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St. John's Wood and Quercus in The Guardian

Posted on 2010/03/28 11:58:57 (March 2010).

[Saturday 20th March 2010]
Chie went off to a seminar in the afternoon, so I decided to go out for a stroll by myself, thinking I'd go and explore an area of London I wasn't very familiar with. So I headed to St. John's Wood - actually started off at Finchley Road and walked down from there. It was OK I guess, but nothing much to write home about.

The real highlight of the day came in the evening whilst I was idly leafing through a copy of the Guardian - there was an article on whisky bars in Tokyo. Already right-up-my-street enough, but I was utterly delighted when I noticed they actually featured my favourite bar of all - Quercus.

This is down to the journalist having consulted Chirs Bunting of Nonjatta about the list of bars, who in turn had heard about Quercus from me. It was incredibly satisfying to have been part of that chain of recommendation which resulted in Watanabe-san's bar ending up being featured in a British newspaper.

Here's the web version of the Guardian article if you're interested.

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