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South of the River

Posted on 2010/03/06 10:04:57 (March 2010).

[Tuesday 23rd February]
Attempted to explore South of the river this evening, with a view to trying to expand my horizons and dispel some of my prejudices about this part of London. I'm still plagued by the nagging sense that we ought to buy a house some time soon, and given that South of the river seems to have much cheaper properties, I thought I ought to try and find something I actually like about the area.

I'd heard there was a pub near Stockwell called the Priory Arms which seemed to be quite well regarded, so headed there with Kyle from the office.

It was... OK I suppose, nice exterior, but had been refurbished somewhat inside and whilst it would probably be a pleasant enough pub if you happened to live in the area, I'm not sure it really merited the Herculean effort required to venture South of the Thames.

From there we went on a bit of a wander to see if we could find any other decent pubs, and there were none, and soon I found myself instincitively heading Northwards.

Got as far as Vauxhall station, and we were a tad peckish, so tried out a place called Casa Madeira - a sort of Portugese tapas restaurant. This wasn't too bad, and certainly a bit cheaper than tapas North of the river.

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