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Monday in Tokyo

Posted on 2009/12/28 14:56:56 (December 2009).

[Monday 28th December]
I was actually working today - in order to cut down on the amount of vacation I'd need to take for this trip (and to avoid having to long a period completely out of touch with what was going on at work) I'd planned to work from my company's Tokyo office today and tomorrow. So I went into the office this morning only to find it nearly deserted - most people had taken the day off to start their year end holidays already.

I'd hoped to be able to see Tanaka-san in the evening, but it turns out he was in charge of the kids today. Luckily though he was happy to bring them into the centre of Tokyo in the daytime, so we could meet up for lunch. We went to a "famiresu" (short for family restaurant) - called Saizeriya which served "Italian" food. The kids seemed to really like this place, and were extremely well behaved throughout. It was great to catch up with Tanaka-san, albeit briefly, and hopefully we'll get another chance to meet up towards the end of my trip.

In the afternoon I decided to work from my hotel room instead of the office, given that there was pretty much no-one there. This turned out to be a great idea, as given that I was on the 33rd floor, as the sky cleared and the sun began to set I was treated to spectcular views of Mt. Fuji in the distance. Quite magical.

In the evening we met up with a couple of Chie's university friends - Hide-san and Masashi-san, and went together to an izakaya in Shibuya for a drink, some food (mainly things-on-sticks) and a bit of a chinwag.

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