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Dartmouth to London

Posted on 2009/12/25 16:26:22 (December 2009).

[Wednesday 23rd December]
Once more on the train again this morning, this time from Totnes back to London. Almost didn't make the train actually - the roads were really icy which caused some very long traffic jams in the centre of Totnes and in the end I had to jump out of the car and walk as briskly as I dared (given the solid ice on the pavements) the rest of the way to the station.

I arrived back in London around 3ish in the afternoon (again the train was delayed, but I just was grateful it was even running), and popped back to the flat to drop off my bags, before heading out once again to do some more Christmas shopping.

I hadn't yet actually got anything for Chie for Christmas, so had to concentrate my efforts fully on this from this point on. I'd decided some jewelry might be nice, so headed over to Hatton Gardens for a thorough look round. After finally settling on one necklace, I treated myself to a congratulatory pint and toasted sandwich at Ye Old Mitre - it's one of those pubs it's nigh on impossible to walk past. It's always lovely in there, but it was particularly nice today with a bit of festive spirit in the air.

After that I headed into the more conventional centre of London (i.e. Oxford Street etc) to look for further gifts for Chie.

Met up with Chie when she finished work - we fancied going to Royal China for dinner, but alas it turned out to be closed for a private function. Ho, hum. So instead we headed back home and I scrabbled around in the cupboards to find something to cook. Ended up making spaghetti with some vegetarian "meat" balls we had in the freezer, in a simple tomato sauce. I believe this dish would offend Lorenzo on more than one level. :)

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