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Travelling to Dartmouth

Posted on 2009/12/25 16:26:21 (December 2009).

[Monday 21st December]
The next leg of my pre-Christmas travels to see various members of family would take me from Derby to Dartmouth (this next couple of days I did by myself, whilst Chie went back to work in London).

The train was a bit delayed as you might expect given the weather conditions this week, but other than that the journey was fairly uneventful and again I was treated to lots of snowy scenery, which is so much more easy to enjoy from the warmth of a train carriage.

I arrived in Totnes (the nearest station to Dartmouth) just before 3, and from there hopped on a bus to go the rest of the way to Dartmouth.

Vera, Robin and Robert had rented a holiday flat in Dartmouth for the Christmas week, and I was just going to be joining them for the first couple of nights.

Tonight they'd decided we should eat in, and we had a selection of appropriately Devonish pastry products - pasties and the traditional homity pie.

After dinner "the boys" (as Vera calls them) and I popped out for one very quick drink at the fantastic Cherub, the fabulous and ancient timber framed pub I'd discovered on our trip to Dartmouth this summer. It was splendid as always.

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