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Welcome to my bit of the Maison de Stuff, home to a huge load of pictures, and my daily blog.

My email address is as above - I've put it in an image in a vein attempt to reduce the amount of spam I get.

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The Day We Ate Out Three Times

Posted on 2009/12/13 12:15:59 (December 2009).

[Saturday 12th December]
Quite a busy day today - was meant to do Christmas shopping in the day time but didn't really get a whole lot done. Instead we ate out a record breaking three times in one day - breakfast at the Wolseley on Piccadilly, lunch at The Antelope near Sloane Square, and dinner at Cafe Sol in Clapham for Simon and Vanessa's birthdays.

Comment 1

I can see that you placed my email address in your "unwanted" list. Would have been more simple to tell me you were not interested in receiving my weekly news.
You know, I may seem rude at times. But it's really not the case. It's my latin temper and it's never meant to be insulting. Just challenging.

Posted by Sheri at 2009/12/20 10:18:40.

Comment 2

One more thing : you once complained that nobody wrote comments on your blog. Fact is, you rarely bother to answer...
Nor do you read the others' stuff.
Think about it.

Posted by Sheri at 2009/12/20 10:21:29.

Comment 3

Perhaps you don't know about it, but I always read your stuff. Every single article.

Posted by Sheri at 2009/12/20 10:23:54.

Comment 4

Sorry Sheri, bad habit I picked up from work- I filter mail unless it is sent directly to me. Will go back and look for those mails now.

Posted by John at 2009/12/23 11:34:11.

Comment 5

Oh, I guess you deleted the page linked from the most recent one already?

Posted by John at 2009/12/23 11:36:28.

Comment 6

...and for the record I didn't exactly complain that nobody read my blog, I just said that as I had got the impression nobody was reading it any more there seemed no point in writing it. If it isn't interesting I wouldn't expect anybody to read it out of some sense of duty or something.

Posted by John at 2009/12/23 11:41:58.

Comment 7

Who's that fit lady next to you in the picture?

Posted by Lox at 2009/12/23 16:04:45.

Comment 8

Well, I like a good clean argument.

In the last email I sent to everyone (the one which was filtered out), I explained that my part of the Maison had undergone some alteration. As a consequence the links in the previous emails were no longer valid.

Anyway, I don't mind wether you read it or not. If it bothers you, don't worry, just tell me. I don't like the idea of imposing on people.
It's just the way it was "handled".
Now, if you tell me that it was accidently filtered, I'm ready to believe you.

Posted by Sheri at 2009/12/23 16:07:10.

Comment 9

Well I envy your day of eating well!! :-)

Like the tweed (?) jacket too!

Posted by Nigel at 2009/12/23 21:41:39.

Comment 10

Sheri: hmmm the last email I received from you was the week 50 mail with that broken link, sent on December 14th. I searched through my gmail and haven't had anything since (filtered or unfiltered).

Posted by John at 2009/12/24 09:51:04.

Comment 11

T'was week 51. If you go to my bit of space, you'll find it easily. (But, as I said, it's not compulsory)

Posted by Sheri at 2009/12/24 13:54:51.

Comment 12

What a douchebag!

Posted by A N Other at 2009/12/24 20:46:28.

Comment 13

Have found those now.

Posted by John at 2009/12/24 21:17:04.

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