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Stuffed Courgettes

Posted on 2009/11/26 19:07:39 (November 2009).

[Monday 16th November]
Made stuffed courgettes for dinner.

Comment 1

What did you stuff them with, they look tasty....

Posted by Squirly at 2009/11/27 08:43:47.

Comment 2

Totally agree .... looks great ..served with gnocchi and savoy cabbage ? What a great advert for non meat dishes .....It almost makes we want to become a vegetarian.

Posted by Revnick at 2009/11/27 08:59:17.

Comment 3

Thanks! The stuffing was shallots, olives, capers and vegetarian mince in a cider reduction. I cooked that all in a pan first then transferred to the oven, topped with some cheese (possibly vegetarian Parmesan?). The flavour of the cider went surprisingly well with the other ingredients, and I think it was probably quite critical to have a fairly moist stuffing to stop the courgettes drying out too much in the oven. They were very large courgettes too - almost marrows.

I was feeling quite cheffy that night!

Posted by John at 2009/11/27 09:18:26.

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