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London's Swedish District

Posted on 2009/11/15 09:24:56 (November 2009).

[Friday 13th November]
Chie went off to her Hiroshimakenjinkai (monthly meet up for people living in London originally from Hiroshima) this evening. I didn't have anything particular planned, so decided to go for a very long meandering stroll, and eventually thought it might be nice to meet up with Chie when she finished. The 'kenjinkai is held near Marylebone, and this one finished somewhat earlier than usual (possibly in part because the usual pub they go to was closed, and they had to come up with an alternative, which presumably a lot of people didn't realise)... So after meeting with Chie, there was still a while before pub closing time, and we decided to go for a drink somewhere. I had rather liked the look of the Harcourt Arms on my way past, so we went there.

I was rather pleased to discover on entering that this is actually a Swedish ran pub, with a definite bias towards Swedish customers - a very interesting break from the norm. Indeed it is in the midst of a little enclave of Swedish things in that area - on the same street there's a Swedish church, and just round the corner is Garbo's, a Swedish restaurant.

So that was nice.

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