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Foux du Fa Fa

Posted on 2009/10/25 08:10:25 (October 2009).

[Friday 23rd October]
Usual beer and pizza thing at the end of the day followed by dinner back home with Chie - had spaghetti with Loyd Grossman's rather good tomato and chilli pasta sauce, with some Quorn mince thrown in. Surprisingly nice actually, although I think I ended up eating too much.

Today I was reminded of the Flight of the Conchords "Foux du Fa Fa", and probably watched it about 10 times in total - fantastic.

Comment 1

Where the hell did you find this fu-fu thing?

Posted by Lox at 2009/11/01 08:22:02.

Comment 2

Flight of the Conchords are a sort of comedy band who also have a TV show (originally shown in the US, also on TV here in the UK).

Of course I saw them way before they were famous at Glastonbury etc etc etc.

Posted by John at 2009/11/01 12:00:09.

Comment 3

Oh and they're from New Zealand.

Posted by John at 2009/11/01 12:00:47.

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