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The Evening I Didn't Go To See Grease, Thank God

Posted on 2009/09/19 10:06:21 (September 2009).

[Tuesday 15th September]
Chie and our guest Ai-san went to see Grease this evening, a suggestion which I'd avoided like the plague from the moment I first heard it.

So instead I had a pleasant evening out with Kyle from my office in and/around Piccadilly and Soho. We started off with what is now becoming a bit of a regular haunt - the cocktail bar at the top of the Waterstone's on Piccadilly where we had the usual excellent St. James Martini.

Following that we were peckish so I suggested Yoshino - a sushi place just over the road. I spoke to the staff entirely in Japanese and was very pleased with how courteously they went along with that.

We then rounded off the evening with a quick visit to The French House, as I thought this might appeal to Kyle.

Comment 1

I like the fact that women seem interested in things that would get a man down the path of alcoholism quite easily... Chiara once took me to see this EGYPTIAN movie with Jew actors, and although I have nothing against Egypt and Jewish people, I swore NEVER to go back to see one of these films! :P

Posted by Lox at 2009/09/19 14:20:22.

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