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CASK Pub and Kitchen

Posted on 2009/08/30 09:23:06 (August 2009).

[Wednesday 26th August]
Thanks to a tip off from a former colleague, yesterday I'd noticed that on Beer in the Evening's top 40 list, a new pub not far from where I work, had recently been propelled, rather surprisingly, to the number 1 spot. Pimlico is in a bit of a desert when it comes to interesting pubs, so I couldn't quite believe that any pub in that area - let alone a new pub - could be considered, at least according to BITE's users, effectively the best pub in the country.

So this evening, with the help of some colleagues from the office, I went to see what all the fuss was about. Whilst it's never going to be a number 1 for me, I could understand why other people have been so keen on it. I only really like historic / characterful pubs, and for me it's more about the building than the beer - this is a newly refurbished pub on the ground floor of a modern block of flats. The interior is nice enough, but in a new pub it's obviously not going to have all the olde worlde trappings and eccentric nik-naks that I'm so fond of.

The selling point is of course the beer - it has a uniquely interesting selection - 5 British Ales on tap, and apparently over 40 bottled German and Belgian beers behind the bar. I was delighted to find Kölsch there - a German beer I'm very fond of and have struggled to find anywhere in London, and I had a brief chat with the landlord who seemed like a bit of a visionary. So I wish him well in this new venture - beer lovers will love this place - and it can only be a good thing for the area to have a place like this.

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