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Vera's Accident

Posted on 2009/08/30 09:08:57 (August 2009).

[Friday 21st August]
Chie and I took a half day off and got the train to North Wales this afternoon, ahead of Lucy and Martin's wedding this weekend. We arrived in Bangor around 5:30 and were met by Louise (my aunt) who kindly gave us a lift from Bangor to the Llyn.

After dropping our bags off at the B&B, we headed out for dinner at the Lion, which is pretty much the only pubby type pub for miles around. The food wasn't bad at all, but the real highlight is their excellent selection of whiskies. I had a Port Ellen from the Rare Malts series, which was very reasonably priced considering the terrifying sum a bottle of this would probably command now.

Alas, I would like to say we had a jolly evening and then all went to bed early ready to be up early in the morning and help out with final wedding preparations... Well that was partially true - we'd had a jolly evening, and did all go back to the B&B and go to bed. However, there was a rather unfortunate drama still to unfold.

I was awoken some time after 3AM by a shriek - Vera had gone to the loo in the middle of the night, and had fallen over. Louise had been first on the scene and poor old Vera was clearly in a lot of pain. She said almost straight away that she'd broken her arm, and, it turned out later, she was absolutely right. We realised pretty quickly that we'd need to call an ambulance.

Given that we were out in the wilds of North Wales, the nearest hospital was a 45 minute drive away, but the ambulance was stationed much nearer, so they arrived very quickly - probably in under 20 minutes.

So Vera was taken to hospital for x-rays, and to have a cast fitted - she was right, it was broken in two places, and with a slightly cruel irony the break was actually in a 'V' shape.

Amazingly though, as attested by the wedding pictures (see tomorrow's entry), Vera still made it to the wedding. What a hero!

Comment 1

Oh poor Vera, I am so sorry.

Posted by John's Mum at 2009/08/30 13:05:31.

Comment 2

I didn't see this entry before... I hope that she is feeling better now, I am sorry for the accident. Please send my best regards, get well soon wishes and "Vera is a true hero" badge for me too :D

Posted by Lox at 2009/08/30 14:40:07.

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