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Late Spring

Posted on 2009/08/07 21:55:32 (August 2009).

[Thursday 6th August]
The title is appropriate for two reasons. First, the English title of another Ozu film we sort of watched this evening (Banshun in Japanese)... I say "sort of" as I started to fall asleep half way through, and didn't make it to the end. I have really enjoyed the majority of the Ozu films we've watched, but some of the storylines do seem to repeat themselves somewhat, and the "daughter in late twenties still living with widowed father, everyone busily trying to find a husband for her" plotline seemed remarkably similar to Akibiyori or Bakushu one of which (I think) was the last one we watched. I'm not even sure which now. Even the titles are all more or less the same in English - Late Spring, Early Summer, Early Autumn.

The second refers to the weather. Well tenuously - I simply wanted to record that the summer is turning out to be anything-but-summer weather wise. There was a torrential downpour whilst I was walking home from work this evening, and despite having an umbrella I got quite wet. Not a sort of balmy tropical downpour you might expect mid-summer, but a cold, miserable, oppressive deluge that had no place in August whatsoever. I was actually stupid enough to believe the optimistic forecasts for this summer that were made earlier in the year, and like a lot of other people am now feeling somehow cheated. Particularly as it sounds like the only week of good weather so far was the week we were away in South of France! Bloody typical.

Chie made Japanese curry for dinner tonight, which was very nice.

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