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Good Day at Work

Posted on 2009/08/04 23:15:22 (August 2009).

[Tuesday 4th August]
Quite a good day at work today. Since starting the new project (almost three months ago now) I'd been a little concerned that I hadn't really been able to make much of an impact. On top of the obvious situation that I had a whole new set of technologies to learn, I have been sort of the only person in my office working in this specific area, and so it had been a bit hard to get "traction". That's to say, in order to implement the features I'm working on, it means modifying some fairly core bits of some of the company's fairly high profile products. These pieces are "owned" by other people in other offices, who often didn't seem to get what I was trying to achieve, and have therefore - quite naturally - put up some resistance to me making those changes.

All of that coupled with the fact that everyone was a bit unclear about the direction of the features I'm working on, and the fact that the first aspect of it that I'd worked on had to be put on hold, all meant overall I didn't have a huge amount to show for my time on the new project so far. I've been a bit worried my new team might be wondering if they've been lumbered with a bit of a liability.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, today I received an encouraging (and quite tangible) bit of annual performance feedback. This, combined with having quite a positive chat with my new manager, and on top of that getting something up and running which I was rather pleased with, meant my sense of self esteem at work received a very definite boost today.

Met up with Chie at the supermarket afterwork to buy things for dinner, and had an unimaginative but pleasant meal of salad and then spaghetti. Spent the remainder of the evening on the phone to Dad (haven't spoken to him in ages) and getting the blog up to date.

Comment 1

Ahhh... it's a shame I never get any comments on my blog any more... Is this a sign that it just isn't very interesting perhaps?

It's getting to be a bit of a bind to write as well recently - maybe it has run it's course?

Posted by John at 2009/08/07 21:28:09.

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