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Belgravia Pubs and Oliveto

Posted on 2009/08/04 22:16:49 (August 2009).

[Monday 3rd August]
Was invited out for a beer by a chap from my former team who isn't able to go for after work drinks that often owing to a rather oppressive commute. Not one to want to pass up a rare opportunity I jumped at the chance, and another of my former team mates ended up joining us as well.

We went to a couple of Belgravia stalwarts - The Horse and Groom followed by the Star Tavern - both on good form this evening I'm pleased to report.

Pleasingly the chaps were also in the market for some dinner, and it didn't take much arm twisting to persuade them to go along to Oliveto, which, despite some protestation from one of my colleagues, I am still convinced has far and away the best pizza in London. It was of course fantastic as ever.

Comment 1

Oliveto is undoubtedly the best in goodness to distance from your house ratio, by some margin.

However, Franco Manca is awesome - I don't care if it's in Brixton. Don't stick your nose up and proclaim that Belgravia is better until you've tried it.

Eco is pretty good and also cheap. La Caricatura is too expensive to be seriously good value, although the pizza is seriously good. Donna Margherita is supposed to be ace, but I've not tried it yet. Rossopomodoro doesn't let you use a knife and fork. I don't know if the pizzas taste better there just because of that, but it was great.

I suggest we go exploring some time...

Posted by Al at 2009/08/20 15:06:49.

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