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Sunday Afternoon Shopping and the Whole Vegetarian Chicken

Posted on 2009/08/04 22:16:48 (August 2009).

[Sunday 2nd August]
A very typical sort of weekend day for us with a meandering and varied trip into the centre of London. Including:

  1. Lunch at the restaurant in the basement of Mitsukoshi. I had vegetable tempura, Chie had tonkatsu.
  2. I bought a new shirt at Harvie and Hudson on Jermyn Street.
  3. Bought some tea and olive oil in Fortnum and Mason.
  4. Had coffee and a bit of cake at La Maison du Chocolat on Piccadilly.
  5. Bought assorted vegetarian goods at Fresh and Wild in Soho.
  6. Bought a "whole vegetarian chicken" at the See Woo Chinese supermarket in Chinatown.

Back at home in the evening we had an odd sort of dinner, which had started off being planned as ramen - we were going to have noodles in a simple soup, then make a separate stir fry and slices of the "whole vegetarian chicken" all combined together. However we ended up eating all these components separately.

The whole vegetarian chicken was surprisingly good - it's a sort of seitan / wheat protein based substance, and was quite reminiscent of the excellent vegetarian tonkatsu I used to have at Rohlan, my favourite restaurant in Tokyo.

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