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Breakfast at the Regency Cafe, Physchoville and Brideshead Revisited

Posted on 2009/08/04 22:16:47 (August 2009).

[Saturday 1st August]
Inevitably following last night's exertions I didn't feel absolutely at my best this morning, but nonetheless I was utterly determined to go for another fantastic breakfast at my new favourite eatery - the excellent Regency Cafe.

So Chie and I headed out some time after 10, actually a fairly respectable time considering we'd been out until quite late, and wandered over to the Regency. I had what is rapidly becoming "the usual" including the superbly crisp hash browns, the very flavoursome mushrooms, and the sublimely delicious bubble and squeak. Quite fantastic once again.

Chie had arranged to go and visit a friend in the afternoon, so after a quick bit of shopping I headed home and Chie headed off to the station.

I then proceeded to have a gloriously lazy day, including watching the entire series to date of Psychoville on BBC iPlayer. I still haven't quite made my mind up whether I liked it or not - there were some very League of Gentlemen-esque moments which I quite enjoyed, but some of it just seemed a bit rough around the edges, and certainly by the last episode I started to feel it was dragging on a bit.

Chie came back in the evening, and we had a very lazy sort of dinner with some reheated chilli that I'd found in the freezer. For the remainder of the evening we (well mainly I) watched the recent film remake of Brideshead Revisisted. Found the first half of it enchanting - a wonderful but probably entirely unrealistic portrayal of 1920s England amongst the upper classes - but towards the end of the film it started to get somewhat melancholy. Still, overall I found it an enjoyable cinematic experience, and was surprised to read later that the film had been somewhat poorly received by the critics. I suppose I ought to consider reading the book at some point... maybe...

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