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Belgravia, Knightsbridge, Chelsea... and Poland

Posted on 2009/08/02 10:54:11 (August 2009).

[Tuesday 28th July]
Went out to the pub after work with the two usual suspects. Started off at Belgravia stalwart The Grenadier, then after a discussion about how it's been a while since we went to any pubs we hadn't already been to, we set out purposefully to try and achieve just that...

So we headed into Knightsbridge (mainly because it was the only area direction from Belgravia we hadn't already thoroughly plundered) but found it to be something of a wasteland in pub terms - a couple of places we found on the map which sounded OK had either closed for refurbishment or disappeared altogether, and so we were left with just The Bunch of Grapes. It was OK I suppose, but something about it was lacking somehow.

Food was then discussed, and I remembered there was a Polish restaurant I'd wanted to try near South Kensington called Daquise, so we gave that a go. I think this was pretty much my first experience of Polish food and to be honest I'm not sure I really liked it - it seemed a bit bland and stodgy... but obviously it wouldn't be fair to write off an entire country's cuisine based on one meal in a restaurant! ...and I doesn't even seem fair to be particularly negative about this specific place either - it had a nice atmosphere and the staff seemed very nice. I guess I should give Polish food a second chance at some point.

After dinner we wanted to squeeze in one more pub, so we wandered down into Chelsea, and happened upon The Angelsea Arms which rather appealed to me. Quite an upmarket sort of clientele as you might expect given the area, but nonetheless very much a proper pub, with decent beers and a nice interior and exterior.

Overall a very pleasant and varied evening!

See a list of tonight's pubs at Have You Tried or the same three but on a map.

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