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Posted on 2009/08/02 10:28:24 (August 2009).

[Monday 27th July]
As a result of the fairly limited scope for vegetarian food available in Devon, I ended up eating a lot of cheese last week - possibly the worst offender being a whole baked camembert one night. So as a result I thought I should try and lay off the cheese a bit this week.

So my thoughts turned to Japanese food, and after work Chie and I arranged to meet near Piccadilly and go and do some Japanese food shopping. We mostly shop at Rice Wine shop, but today seemingly felt like a change so instead went to the Japan Centre, or as the local Japanese population tend to call it Japacen. It's much better sense the recent refurbishment.

Bought some Japanese provisions there, including some ready made sushi, a new bag of Japanese rice plus the usual kim chi, tofu, etc.

As it was quite a pleasant evening we ended up walking all the way home from there, stopping off en route at St. Stephen's Tavern - the one right next to the House of Parliament. I'd never tried it before thinking it was probably going to be a bit touristy, but inside it was actually a fairly decent pub.

Back at home we had a big table full of assorted Japanese delicacies for dinner. Very nice.

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