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Posted on 2009/06/06 09:33:22 (June 2009).

[Friday 5th June]
I left the office at a reasonable time today, thinking that I hadn't cooked dinner for Chie much recently, and it would be nice to get home relatively early to try and have something ready by the time she got back from work. So I went by way of the supermarket and the minute I got through the door I set about peeling potatoes etc.

Owing to a bit of miscommunication though, I hadn't realised that Chie was going out this evening, which was compounded by the fact that her phone had died.

Eventually I re-read my work email and found a one line mention that she was going out with a friend, and apparently she had also mentioned it the previous evening (I guess I'd somehow failed to hear her).

Luckily I hadn't got much further with dinner than to sautée some little cubed potatoes, so I guess it wasn't a big waste.

Ho hum. So that was my evening really.

Comment 1

I find that miscommunication with women is quite normal. With Chiara we often have the same issues, where basically we appear to either be distracted by something else or completely misjudge what the other person is saying... oh well..

Posted by Lox at 2009/06/07 10:19:33.

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