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Belgravia Pubs and Dining Al Fresco

Posted on 2009/06/06 09:21:02 (June 2009).

[Thursday 4th June]
My friend Andy popped in for lunch at my office today, along with his friend Michael, who was visiting from Germany. It was still reasonably good weather in the daytime, and we sat out on the balcony to eat, which was really rather nice. Michael particularly seemed to like it, mentioning that he usually had a sandwich in front of his computer where he worked - a perfect setup for me to reel out the now well worn "Dining Al Desko" gag.

A couple of guys from my former (!) project were over from our California office this week. Although one of the guys was here in London for the first time, and I didn't know him so well, the other was here on something like his fifth or sixth visit, and it was something of a tradition that we'd go out for drinks and/or dinner at least one evening each time he was here.

We decided to make the arrangements easier (and to save the usual awkwardness of if/who/how much we should expense dinner) we'd just eat at the office before heading out. So after a quick and simple dinner we ventured out with a few other colleagues to the fine pubs that Belgravia has to offer.

I had originally hoped to get around all four of my favourites, but the complications of people arriving late, and then a requirement for some people to eat later on, meant that we only actually made it to two - The Horse and Groom and The Grenadier. Still that was nice enough. After that, needing to find a light bite to eat for one of our group (dinner 2 in my case) we headed into Knightsbridge and went to the Noura cafe there, where surprisingly it was still (just) warm enough to eat outside, even though it was 10pm by this point. That seemed to go down quite well, it's only a shame that the cafe is not licensed - as they also have a little deli attached to their cafe I had secretly hoped they might sell Chateau Musar at shop prices. Alas no.

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