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Goobye TV, Hello Maps

Posted on 2009/06/06 08:54:42 (June 2009).

[Tuesday 2nd June]
Finally got the official approval at work for my transfer to my new project. This seems to have been rather a long and drawn out process - I first mentioned that I wanted to move in March. Although I suppose in fairness most of that time went in trying to find something else to move to - it wasn't until about a month ago that I actually settled on something fairly concrete.

So this was good news, and finally the long awaited mail to all the other people on the project was sent out, so I think I can finally say it is all done and dusted. So it's goodbye TV, hello maps.

Despite this good news I was feeling a bit out of sorts in the evening. So I headed out from the office and went on one of my meandering strolls, this initially heading for Mayfair. I had remembered that there was a pub there I'd wanted to try out, and so I popped into The Audley. As the description suggests, it was indeed a very well preserved Victorian pub with what I'd normally consider a very atractive interior, but I guess I just wasn't really in the mood today.

I then had a hankering for Japanese beer, and so after a couple of web/maps searches on my very useful Android phone I wandered from there to Soho, where I went to Bincho for an Asahi and a couple of things-on-sticks, which was quite nice. I think this is probably the closest I've yet found to a proper izakaya style bar in Japan - a lot of the other places in London that market themselves as izakaya seem to be more like restaurants - it appears to be expected that you're going to pretty much order a full meal. Whereas at Bincho it seemed to be quite normal to just order a drink and something snacky. Or maybe I did actually order a full meal and it was just that by my standards the portions were pretty minute!

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