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Leaving Drinks

Posted on 2009/06/03 22:35:02 (June 2009).

[Thursday 28th May]
I think the title of this should technically be "Transferring Drinks" but some how that sounds a bit odd.

Although the official announcement about me transferring projects hadn't yet been made, having moved desks this week my former team mates decided now would be the appropriate time to organise an evening out to say goodbye, which was very nice of them.

Owing to some slightly complex logistical issues, we actually started the evening at Euston, from where we headed to our first pub - The Marlborough Arms. The original plan for the evening was to head to Ye Old Mitre, and so all the other pubs we went to were effectively based on a meandering route between Euston and Holborn - number 2 was The Friend At Hand (which apparently has some connection to Peter Pan), followed by The Lamb Tavern on Lamb's Conduit Street, then the Dolphin on Red Lion Street, then the Cittie of Yorke (it would seem rude to walk past without at least popping in) before finally arriving at our destination - the Mitre.

Oh and then after that we also squeezed in a final wee dram at the whisky society.

A fun night out, and a very nice send off - thanks chaps!

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