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North London Pub Crawl

Posted on 2009/04/19 14:53:54 (April 2009).

[Saturday 18th April]
Following the success of mine and Andy's last pub crawl, and given that we were both at a bit of a loose end this weekend, we decided it might be nice to do another one.

I had spent just a few minutes mulling this over the previous day, and came up with the idea of having a wander around North London. I took a look at the excellent, and using the equally excellent Google My Maps, I plotted all the pubs that were feature on that site in NW5 (Kentish Town) and NW3 (Hampstead), of which there were quite a few.

View North London Pub Crawl in a larger map

So today we then set about following this hastily thrown together route, and a jolly nice day out it was too.

We started off in Kentish Town, where about half the pubs on my map were located. This is an area of London I've hardly ever been to, so all these pubs were new to me, although Andy (having lived nearby at one point) had been to a few of them before. Of this first batch of I particularly liked The Pineapple, and we also had a very nice lunch at The Junction, which was a bit more of a restaurant than a pub really, but the food and beer were very good so I'm not complaining.

I rather liked the idea of having the itinerary split into two clusters - Kentish Town and Hampstead - particularly as this meant inbetween we had a very pleasant stroll over Hampstead Heath.

Once in Hampstead the mission resumed in earnest, and we visited four out of the six pubs I'd originally put on the map (we left out the Flask as I'd been there not too long ago and was a bit disappointed, and the Spaniard's Inn was just a bit too far away from everything else).

We finished off the day with a late dinner at a Japanese restaurant in Hampstead called Jin Kichi, which was very nice too.

See the pictures for more details.

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