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Drinks in the Gardens

Posted on 2009/04/12 22:16:25 (April 2009).

[Wednesday 8th April]
Recently there seems to be a recurring theme that I've fancied pizza on Wednesdays. Unfortunately, Pizza Express does some sort of special offer for Orange customers on Wednesdays, and Chie appears to get somewhat frustrated by the knowledge that everyone else is paying less than us. So actually pizza is effectively banned on Wednesdays.

As it was a relatively nice day, I had thought it would be nice to sit out in the gardens of the square where we live for a bit. Originally I had intended we could also eat this imaginary pizza there, but clearly that was not to be. So instead we just had a quick gin and tonic, only we didn't have any gin, or tonic. We bought a bottle of tonic and instead had vodka tonics, with angostura bitters. Really quite pleasant - the first drink out in the gardens of the year!

Somewhat reluctantly I cooked for dinner in the end, I remembered I had bought some dried morels on my way back from Switzerland, and thought these might go nicely with some fresh tagliatelle we had in the fridge, along with a simple cheese sauce. It's the first time I've ever actually cooked with dried morels (they're kind of expensive so I've always been put off buying them before), and I wasn't really sure how to rehydrate them properly as all the instructions were in French. I think the flavour probably suffered as a result of being rehydrated a little too harshly, but anyway it was a bit different nonetheless.

In other news (today was quite an eventful day!):

- Started having Japanese lessons at work. Had the first trial one day.
- Had a phone conversation that I wasn't really looking forward to with the director of the project I've been working on, about me leaving the project etc. Hmmm hard to really explain here, but this was sort of the final requirement before I could move projects, so it was a big weight off my mind.
- I booked a summer holiday for Chie and I - well, the transport arrangement at least. After much delicate probing I managed to deduce that Chie probably didn't want to go to Orkney for our main summer holiday (funny that), so instead we're going to get the train down to Nice, hire a car there, and then drive around the Mediterranean. Which ought to be nice.

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