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Welcome to my bit of the Maison de Stuff, home to a huge load of pictures, and my daily blog.

My email address is as above - I've put it in an image in a vein attempt to reduce the amount of spam I get.

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Posted on 2009/04/05 17:49:36 (April 2009).

[Thursday 2nd April]
Poor old Chie had to work quite late today - she didn't get out of the office until around 8 which is pretty unusual for her. I could tell she was a bit tired and fed up so in an attempt to cheer her up I made a lasagne for dinner, which came out rather nicely as always (it seems to be a pretty much foolproof dish).

Comment 1

Thank you for your piece e2809cone mane28099s meate280a6.e2809d.This morning I had been thikning how to add to your already impressive readerse28099 responses when I turned on the television. Martha Stewart on Channel 72 was interviewing Joel Salatin, a successful freerange farmer in Virginia,USA.Perhaps local farmers who feel they are being forced into either selling up or adopting industrial farming techniques could gain some insight by reading c3a4bout Salatine28099s farming techniques (adapted to local conditions) as outlined in David Suzuki and Holly Dressele28099s book -e2809cGood News for a Changee2809d and documented in Eric Schlossere28099s book and DVD e2809cFast Food Natione2809d.Shoppers can change farming practices. If we are aware of the way our food is produced we can make informed choices. If cost is our only criterion we are complicit in the cruelty to animals and environmental degradation inevitable with factory farming.Well done Coles for the hormone free meat! Please keep listening. Cheap milk may need to be reviewed.Martha Stewart then had Jonathan Safran Foer talking about his book e2809cEating Animalse2809d and ethical food choices.By placing the advertisement in the e28098Australiane28099 the drug companies and e28098experte28099 veterinary scientists have shot themselves in the foot. I find the arrogance of Professor Leane28099s stance quite shameful and will be interested to see his response.

Posted by Fausto at 2013/03/16 02:57:59.

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