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Mi estomago esta muy contenta

Posted on 2009/04/05 17:47:50 (April 2009).

[Wednesday 1st April]
I found April Fool's Day somewhat tedious this year - it felt like the majority of pranks were just all too tedious. Perhaps the one exception to this was the amusing thinly veiled outpouring of vitriol by the Guardian on the recent hot topic of Twitter (see here). Odd really, as I have recently started using Twitter, which, despite my age and requisite "seen it all before" attitude to Internet crazes that is expected of a senior software engineer, I actually rather like it. I also rather like the Guardian.

In the evening Chie and I decided to go out for tapas at the little place near our flat which we go to now and again. Following our last visit, where we had oddly rather enjoyed sitting at the bar, we decided to do the same again, and were once more entertained by the somewhat charismatic Spanish barman there. His opening line was "what can I get for the beautiful couple?", and I have to say I entirely approve of this utterly insincere form of flattery.

I used Google Translate on my phone to come up with a querky Spanish phrase, by which to say thank you at the end of a very good meal, and thus the title of this post. It means "my stomach is very happy" and I hope you'll agree it has rather a nice ring to it.

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