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Turkish Food and Preparations for the Trip

Posted on 2009/03/22 09:17:08 (March 2009).

[Wednesday 18th March]
Couldn't be bothered to cook this evening, so Chie and I went out for dinner to the Turkish place near where we live. We'd only been once before, and I had thought it was pretty average, but in hindsight it occurred to me we'd gone in a big group (which always seems to make food less impressive, I'm not sure why) and had also been drinking for some time beforehand (we were celebrating our friends Simon and Vanessa getting engaged). So it probably seemed fair to give it a second go.

I suppose it was a bit better second time round - I had a vegetable mousaka and Chie had some kind of seafood dish whose name escapes me. Mine was quite good, Chie seemed to really enjoy her, so I suppose overall it is a positive score. The bread was nice too.

Again, despite the sense of pressure to order a bottle of wine when in a restaurant, we deflty avoided and just had sparkling water instead... which also had the benefit of making the whole meal cheaper, as in my opinion this place is a tad overpriced for what it is (two main courses and desserts with only a bottle of sparking water to drink was almost 50 quid).

Went back to the flat after that, where, for probably the first time in a decade, I decided to actually pack my bag the night before leaving on a trip, rather than the usual job of just doing it 30 minutes before I need to leave.

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