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Not Drinking

Posted on 2009/03/22 09:17:07 (March 2009).

[Monday 16th March]
Given that it had been a bit of a boozy weekend (what with my birthday and everything) and I had the company ski trip from this Thursday (which would no doubt also be quite boozy), I decided I should make an effort to have a complete break from drinking for the first half of this week.

However, water can be a bit boring and it's nice to have something to accompany a meal, and yet I find there are actually very limited options for soft drinks. Particularly as I'm also trying to take a bit better care of my teeth and not have so many sugary things. Tonight we thought we'd give bitter lemon a go. I do actually quite like it, but despite the name it transpires it actually contains a lot of sugar (my recent experiments with making my own ginger beer had been something of an eye opener with regards to the crazy quantities of sugar that not particularly sweet tasting soft drinks can contain).

Anyway, without wanting to go on about it too much, this feels like an unfilled market niche - a drink that would fill the same interesting role a glass of wine fills in a meal, or perhaps that first cold beer on returning home from work, but isn't alcoholic, and isn't full of sugar (or artificial sweeteners, which I consider to be even more unhealthy).

For dinner this evening I was feeling a bit cheffy and decided to make a plated lasagne, you know, one of those ones where you cook all the bits individually and then assemble them in a stack on the plate, rather than the usual bunging it all in a baking dish and sticking it in the oven method. So as usual I made a tomatoey sauce (this time with courgettes and some Quorn in) and a cheese sauce with some leftover Shropshire Blue. I used fresh lasagne which I boiled first, and also steamed a bit of broccoli, I then piled the whole thing up on a plate, with some emmental on top, and then grilled it for a bit. I was rather pleased with the end result, I think Chie wasn't quite as enthusiastic, at least partly because she is easily daunted by having a large platefull thrust in front of her (the Japanese like to pick at things from little bowls).

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