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Birthday at Simpson's

Posted on 2009/03/18 19:59:19 (March 2009).

[Sunday 15th March]
To celebrate my birthday Chie and I went for lunch at Simpson's in the Strand.

London's second oldest restaurant was quite simply perfect - despite being famous for their roast meats they had a very respectable vegetarian offering. I started was goat's cheese on a base of potato, olive tapenade and a balsamic reduction, which I then followed with a root vegetable bake with wild mushrooms as a main. Both very sumptious - and we finished off with their pudding sampler platter which had a bit of everything - bread and butter pudding, panna cotta, sorbet, cheesecake, and probably a couple of things I've forgotten.

The ambience was uniquely splendid as well, on the one hand very traditional - a definite sense of Victorian sophistication - but at the same quite lively and jolly, and a nice mixture of clientele. The decor was right up my street - wood panelling, chandeliers etc, and they had a piano player too.

We both thoroughly enjoyed it, and I wonder why it has taken us so long to get round to visiting!

(Chie took a few more pictures on her camera, will hopefully upload these some time soon...)

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