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Nabe and Laphroaig Cairdeas

Posted on 2009/03/12 21:42:49 (March 2009).

[Monday 9th March]
One of the nice things about being London is that you can buy just about anything, and, moreover, a lot of shops are open into the evening. So, if at the end of the working day I decide I want to eat Japanese food for dinner, I can pretty much just stroll out of the office to a Japanese food shop. Which is pretty much exactly what I did this evening.

I arranged to meet Chie at our favourite Japanese food emporium - Rice Wine Shop - however despite me going on foot I somehow got there significantly ahead of Chie, so to fill in the time I decided to take a wander over to Vintage House on Old Compton Street. Last time we'd been there I'd spotted a very reasonably priced bottle of the special edition Laphroaig Cairdeas and the opportunity to snap one up seemed too good to miss.

So after that I headed back to Rice Wine where I met Chie, and we stocked up on the usual provisions. We also fit in a visit to our favourite Chinese supermaket (See Woo on Lisle Street) to buy a couple of additional items. Then we got on the bus back to the flat.

Back at the flat we had a kind of nabe for dinner, along with the usual Japanese side dishes like hiyayako, edamame, kimchi and so on. All very nice.

I felt compelled to sample a wee dram of the Laphroaig Cairdeas as well. I'm not in the mood for writing tasting notes, so instead I'll simply say that it was quite superb.

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