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Notting Hill and Ginger Beer

Posted on 2009/03/08 18:15:48 (March 2009).

[Saturday 7th March]
Maybe I'm getting old - recently I'd have an odd craving to buy antiques. Particularly anything whisky related. So today Chie and I headed to Notting Hill and went for a stroll down Portobello Road, with, it appears, about a half a million other people. I still really don't have a clue about antiques though, and really don't have the patience to spend hours on end browsing, so we eventually came away empty handed, turning out attentions instead to the more pressing matter of lunch.

As on our last visit to the area, we ate at a Palestinian cafe called Maramia. I ordered their special breakfast again which was immensely varied and satistfying (and extremely good value at just under a fiver). Chie had something else (a kind of stuffed pancake) which she didn't enjoy quite as much, but still overall it was very good.

After that we got on a bus (as the tube was a bit broken today) as far as Knigthsbridge, and walked all the way back from there, by way of Belgravia where we stopped off on the very stylish Motcomb St to buy cakes at Ottolenghi and some more general shopping at the very nice Waitrose there (the one with home delivery forms where you can fill in the name of your maid or butler). I think I have identified in Belgravia an area of London I would just about deign to live, if I had to stay in London permanently.

The most significant components of the shopping we did in Waitrose were the necessary ingredients for my first foray into the world of brewing - having found this recipe recently I've been itching to have a go at making my own ginger beer, and I embarked on this enterprise with considerable enthusiasm on arriving back at the flat. We shall have to wait a couple of days to see what the end result is like.

For dinner we had a favourite of mine - a whole artichoke, just boiled and then eaten by hand, dipped in vinaigrette. This we followed with a vegetable moussaka. All very nice.


(written one day later) Have just had the first sip of my ginger beer, it was really quite delightful.

Comment 1

Hi matey, sorry I have been rubbish at being in touch later. I think you should have a recommended London restaurants section on your page. Steve and I never know where to eat when we come into town.
Hook up soon? Fancy a weekend in sunny Kent?

Posted by Michelle at 2009/03/09 20:21:34.

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