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London Pub Tour with Yoko-san and Shinichiro-san

Posted on 2009/02/14 12:43:13 (February 2009).

[Monday 9th February]
I love nights out based on very tenuous connections. Tonight was the epitome of that - our friend Junchan had heard that friends of a friend of hers were coming to London for a week, and so they'd been put in touch with us so we could show them round a bit one evening during their stay.

They turned out to be quite fascinating people - they were a recently married couple, and the chap was a gentleman's tailor, and as you might expect a very dapper dresser. They were here partly as a holiday, but partly as he had some business on Saville Row. It was really great to have an opportunity to talk to people from such an entirely different profession like that.

I went for the tried and tested formula of a night out when entertaining foreign dignitaries - a tour of some of my favourite pubs. We started off at the Black Friar, where we also had a spot of dinner, then proceeded from there to the Old Bank of England, followed by the Cittie of Yorke and finally Ye Old Mitre.

Shinichiro-san was very complimentary about by new tweed jacket (although I wonder if he may have just felt compelled to say something nice, as it is the sort of garment that demands some kind of commentary), and I also enjoyed a long chat with the landlord at the Mitre, who appears to be something of a kindred spirit, and we compared notes on our favourite London pubs (of course, the Mitre being top of the list).

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