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To Abergavenny

Posted on 2008/12/27 09:31:45 (December 2008).

[Monday 22nd December]
Chie and I got the train to Abergavenny today, as we were going to be staying with Vera and Robin over Christmas. After the usual last minute bout of frantic packing we left the flat around 11, and got the 11:45 from Paddington. Trains don't seem to have nearly enough luggage space, and we had a hard time squeezing it all in, what with having presents to carry and everything, but somehow or other we managed.

We arrived in Abergavenny just after 2, and walked from the station to Vera and Robin's house. I am very pleased to report that Vera is looking much better than she did back in October. We're very lucky!

We spent the remainder of the afternoon chatting with Vera and decorating the Christmas tree, which was a very wholesome sort of activity.

Robin came back from work later on and we all had dinner together. Not much else to report really!

Comment 1

How's Vera by the way?

Posted by Lox at 2008/12/27 09:38:10.

Comment 2

She's much better thanks! She was really quite seriously unwell back in October, but seems to have made a miraculous recovery.

Posted by John at 2009/01/01 14:30:37.

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