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Last Working Day of 2008

Posted on 2008/12/20 14:04:08 (December 2008).

[Friday 19th December]
Having booked a whole two weeks off work over Christmas and New Year, today was my last day at work for 2008.

To my great relief, during the course of the day I think I managed to confirm I had a solid solution to the blighted "Sisyphus Bug" with which I'd been encumbered for most of the last two weeks, helped greatly by the late night exertions the previous day. From a quick straw poll of my team mates it seemed to meet with general approval.

It was about 2 or 3 in the afternoon when I managed to satisfy myself that my solution really did fix the problem, and was valid and defensible, and other than doing a bit of a write-up and helping out my team mates a bit, I pretty much downed tools for the year at that point.

We had the usual beer and pizza thing at 5, and people hung around until 7 when they said their Merry Christmases and Happy New Yearses and then went their merry way. As Chie was out for the evening, and I had no intention of going back to work, I was hoping I might find someone to go to the pub with, but alas everyone just vanished.

Undeterred I went out by myself - started with a quick pint at the Cittie of Yorke, then headed over to the whisky society for a dram or two there. Unlike Monday it was very busy this time round.

So that's it then, the working year is over. I suspect it'll take me a few days to wind down after the stressful couple of weeks I had towards the end. I anticipate I'll probably start to actually relax by around next Tuesday.

Comment 1

I'd love to join you at the Whiskey Soc. every now and then... I loved that place. So, can you land me a job in London? I could consider moving again! :P

Posted by Lox at 2008/12/23 11:42:21.

Comment 2

I'd love that Lorenzo! ...but probably not a great career move considering the way the UK economy is heading at present...

Posted by John at 2008/12/24 09:24:26.

Comment 3

John: Mmmmm we might have to discuss about this topic again in the future I am afraid... :( Things in Italy are not all that chirpy too...

Posted by Lox at 2008/12/24 14:22:56.

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