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Chewing the Cud

Posted on 2008/12/13 12:48:32 (December 2008).

[Friday 12th December]
Not quite as productive a day as yesterday - I'd found what appeared to be the cause of the thorny bug I was wrestling with, but despite several attempts today I couldn't find a good way to solve it.

At the end of the day I went along to the usual Friday beer-and-pizza thing (although the pizza quality has deteriorated somewhat and I haven't actually had any for several weeks now) with some of the guys from my team.

Unusually, rather than everyone just disappearing and going home after a couple of drinks, one of the guys I worked with was keen to go for another drink elsewhere. So we went to a pub just down the road from the office. We ended up staying there until closing time, and had a long and fairly deep conversation, mostly about his life, and mainly about his ex girlfriend and the astonishingly long time it seems to have taken him to get over her. It was really quite heart wrenching (especially after a few beers) as whilst there is a bit of a dark side to his personality, he's fundamentally a really nice guy, very popular at the office, and I hope no-one would wish on him the three-and-a-bit years of mostly being quite miserable that he's had.

Given that he also grew up abroad, he's something of a stranger to the UK, and as such I feel a sense of responsibility to help him find his feet here. Not that I really know anyone in London either though - and certainly I don't know any women here. Still though, there must be something I can do to help. Poor chap.

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