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Christmas Party

Posted on 2008/12/13 12:24:42 (December 2008).

[Wednesday 10th December]
Tonight was my company's Christmas party, held in a big hall in Battersea Park (I think this may have been the same venue my brother went to for the British Academcy Video Games Awards last year).

The party had this "Russian" theme, with Red Square esque decor and circus acts on stage. One of the guys from my team is Russian, and he looked continually perplexed the whole evening - probably much to the same extent as when an Irish person goes into an "Irish pub" in another country.

Still, despite my inclination to be cynical about some of the naffer aspects of it, I shall endeavour to be positive - most of the drinks were paid for, there was food of sorts, and it was a good opportunity to let off some steam with my fellow colleagues.

Chie came along too, but headed off a bit earlier than I did - not long after 10 - whereas I stayed until almost the end, around 1AM. Quite late for a school night! Fortunately it was only a very short taxi ride from there, over the Thames, to where we live.

It occurred to me in the taxi on the way back that I have a "bloke voice". I seem to put this on when talking to taxi drivers, plumbers and other tradesmen, and should I ever accidentally get into a conversation with people who like football. Much like a recent episode of the IT Crowd. I attempt to talk somewhat more gruffly, use less flowery adjectives, and shorter more gruntish sentences.

Conversely I realised I also have a "gentleman voice". This I use when shopping in Fortnum and Mason, taking afternoon tea, or visiting antique shops. In this alter ego I attempt to enunciate very clearly, speak somewhat more softly, use words like "delightful" and "lovely" which I would avoid at all costs in bloke voice. "Cheers" as a substitute for saying thank you is out the window as is "mate" as a general familiar term, and the somewhat gruffly uttered "Alright?" as a greeting.

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